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     Kudos to the cleaner for a job well done! My carpet looks noticeably better and the troublesome stain has been completely eliminated by her hard work. Plus, she was exceptionally cordial and I will surely rebook this service.
Tommy S.18/12/2023
     Unparalleled upholstery cleaning provided by none other than Cleaners St Johns. I have booked them numerous times and the awesome result always follows - outstanding recommendation for sure!
Sibyl Yarmak23/02/2023
     There are more than a few options for cleaning services, but this company has terrific cleaners. They do great work and charge less than many others in the area.
Lucy N.21/05/2020
      St Johns Carpet Clean has been terrific during all their office cleaning services. I actually like how friendly their cleaners are. Very grateful.
     My home always looks perfectly clean, thanks to St Johns Carpet Cleaners. They help me clean every part of my house. Their house cleaners are always nice and very efficient. I don't have enough words to express how thankful I am! Great company that charges very low prices!
R. Kennedy07/12/2016
     I've always been a very tidy person, and have gone to great lengths to try and carry out all of my own domestic cleaning. Recently, with several changes to the way my work operates, I haven't had as much time for this, and I noticed the whole house getting dirty very quickly! I called StJohnsCarpetCleaners for some relief, and was very satisfied by everything they've done. Whenever they've come to my home, I come back seeing that everything's sparkling and free of blemishes. All the staff are polite and friendly too, which is always a plus!
Grant N.21/12/2015
     Oh, God! I would have been really upset if I hadn't stumbled upon StJohnsCarpetCleaners! I stained my antique upholstery with coffee and no matter how much I searched online, I couldn't find a 100% safe way to remove the stain. So I called for a professional upholstery cleaning from this company. The cleaners came to my home, fixed the problem and the upholstery now looks as good as new! No colours faded, no time wasted! Excellent service provider!
Emily 17/03/2015
     I like having my home a certain way, and when a back injury prevented me from cleaning to the standard I was used to, I decided to hire professional help instead. I picked StJohnsCarpetCleaners because a friend told me about how good they are, and it's certainly true! I couldn't find a fault with the cleaners or the service, which is of an amazingly high standard that pleased even me. Having professional cleaning help has really given me peace of mind, and I can't thank the lovely cleaners from here enough for their assistance!
Louise T.29/01/2015
     I only used StJohnsCarpetCleaners for the first time last month and they were brilliant. I requested a steam clean for all of my flooring and tiles because after endless amounts of scrubbing I just couldn't seem to get the results I was after. I have to say they do a fantastic job and it didn't take long at all. It used to take me ages to get it clean and even then it never looked this good, don't know how they do it but one thing's for sure, I would definitely use them again! Clean sparkly and fresh, one big happy customer!